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Rural Artisans of Rajasthan

“ The Artist see what others only catch a glimpse of “ Leonardo Da Vinci

Given that the artisans and communities are the custodians of their indigenous craft,
documentation training and efforts must be pushed at the ground level...

Sustainability is the way forward, which in this case implies both survival of crafts integrated with livelihood prospects and environmentally sound practices. The handicrafts sector has a low carbon footprint since it is essentially driven by human power. However, most of these crafts are intuitively imbibed and practiced making them temporal assets, dependent on communities and future generations for survival.

Established in 2016, under the leadership of Surbhi Agarwal. Our vision is to be one of the perfect Harbinger of crafts with a spirit of unadulterated art creating a niche for ourselves and becoming the most valued Handicrafts and lifestyle brand of India.

producing a premium line of souvenirs, accessories and lifestyle products - we are committed to nurturing world around us by working on several social and environmental issues. Taking local art to global stage. Our aim is to craft a better lifestyle and create embellished homes world over!

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