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About The Art Exotica

It is a Women Led Enterprise and an export Start-up working towards bringing together all the possible stakeholders which can effectively contribute towards taking Indian Handicrafts & Textiles from LOCAL TO GLOBAL which includes policy makers, academicians, designers, artisans, weavers, aggregators, retailers, bloggers, marketing platforms, industry associations, Export Promotion Councils, Foreign Embassies, corporate giants, media, social activist etc. keeping in mind the objectives, principals and Indian Philosophy.

The Art Exotica is committed to build a reliable and a sustainable “Green Economy” eco-system where the entire value chain from farm -> fabric -> fashion -> foreign is mapped efficiently with an aim to bring in standardization, harmonization, efficient and timely delivery mechanism bringing in possibility of scalability keeping the traditional art form of hand weaving intact thus helping the value chain to be dynamic and responsive towards ever changing and improving external environment.

We are also environmentally & socially conscious, exposing ourselves to lay thrust in making use of (S.O.3E) Sustainable, Organic, Ethical, thus Eco-friendly, Ergonomic raw materials to produce innovative recyclable products in Handicrafts and Textiles which makes us to adhere and comply to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with respect to organisations laying focus on achieving Corporate Social Responsibility( CSR) thereby.

Vision – To become the Worldwide Leader in Art Décor.

Mission – To make “ The Art Exotica” as preferred Art Décor destination for our customers by delivering artistic products and innovative solutions in cost effective ways, by setting the highest standards in service & unmatched quality.

Company’s Philosophy –

  • Innovation is the only constant
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Authenticity
  • Accept & Delegate accountability
  • Ethical, legal & Transparent in Business Transactions

Goals & Milestones

  • By setting the highest quality standards, make it more efficient and profitable thereby increasing our market share by 2020.
  • To Penetrate Art Décor globally in next five years.
  • To adhere to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and creating Social Global Impact.

Target Market

  • Globally renowned Home décor companies
  • Interior Designers| Architects |
  • Residential & Commercial Spaces
  • Hospitality Vertical – Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs etc.
  • Home Furniture & Furnishing Stores.
  • Importers | Wholesalers| Retailers of Art Décor
  • Art Galleries & Curators.

Sustainability | Scalability | Social Global Impact
Conducting craft based vocational workshops to foster their skill set computer literacy programs, preserving cultural heritage art forms thereby generating rural employability, grass root social collaboration is inclusive to growth story to be able to be sustainable, scalable this very needs to be sought.
We are also environmentally conscious, exposing ourselves to lay thrust in making use of sustainable, organic, ethical, thus eco-friendly, ergonomic raw materials to produce innovative recyclable products in handicrafts and textiles.
We at The Art Exotica, strive to create a niche with our focus to delight and charm the customers with a lifestyle brand for curated & affordable art to suit their style & needs

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