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Pablo Piccaso – “ The Purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls “

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We at , The Art Exotica!

We, at The Art Exotica have always been fascinated by the art of Indian hand artisans. We take pride in working with painters, wood carvers, potters and metal workers, who have honed their skills through generations of knowledge, in an age of production; we acknowledge the special art of hand craftsmen.

With an international reach, we cater to wide range of clients, whom we endorse as our patrons and cherished family.

We are into Manufacturing & Exports of in the world of Innovative, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Ethical, Organic, Recycled Handicrafts, Textiles & Fashion Accessories.

Our Products

Beaded Embroidered

Beads are round or cylindrical man made artefacts in various sizes, color and texture with a hollowed out center enabling them to be strung together in aesthetically balanced form.


India is one of the major producers of Brass and Iron items in the country. Mostly produced in the princely state of Rajasthan brass and iron the most common items available here are copper coated iron bells

Jute Products

These crafty and bright colour leather art and craft was introduced by the Marwada Meghwal community who brought leather craft tradition from Rajasthan to Kutch.

Home Furnishing

This craft is combination of cut work and beating and embossing. The aluminium jewellery is made out casting method.


Origami from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper" (kami changes to gami due to rendaku is the art of paper folding.

Bamboo Lights

Paper carving Art is 1000 years old and is a unique and different as compared to the Paper cutting Art.  The craft of paper cutting has been done for many years in many countries all over the world.

Customer is The King and we are here to Delight them

The design has always been our first love. To impart timeless flavor to our products we host international designers to come up with their out of the box innovations as accomplished designs which becomes our signature product for many years which in turn provide a contemporary appeal to our collectable lines. Our designs narrate an exquisite story and a perfect blend of International make and traditional patterns.

Our New Arrivals

Candel stands

The pen holders/table organizers are up cycled from material such as bamboo/audio cassettes. They are handcrafted with customized patterns and polished for easy maintenance.These organizers are multipurpose and can be used as stationary holder/cutlery holder/toothbrush stand. It can be customized with designs/logos


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Plant Holder

We design beautiful variations of wall planters for vertical gardening. The planters are redesigned from wood/empty bottles/mason jars/ropes/metal cans etc. The planters can be completely customized in look, colors and design with the theme of house/office/café. It’s sturdy, practical, easy to maintain and movable.

Grass products

Mats, trays, boxes, coasters and baskets made of kauna/sabai grass. These products are ideal for storage and décor of household. These can also be used for stationary or office purpose. They are chemical free, organic, durable and practical.

''The Art Exotica'' aims to not only enhance the living space but revamp the entire home experience for home makers and guests alike by redefining daily objects in to works of art, after all decorating is a creative skill and décor items presented are the expressions of the artists’ creativity. ''The Art Exotica'' revives any living experience and purpose, it with a fresh touch, it is something to be treasured; so keep it, gift it, share it or praise it.

why Choose Us

We are The Art Exotica , Your one stop solution for quality Handicraft and Artworks. Our mission is simple : “To promote sustainability through Art”
Our products are handcrafted, customized, sturdy, high in quality, completely safe to use and designed aesthetically
Our services are completely provided by less-privileged but skilled artisans in and around India.
You help us create more respectable jobs for artisans on every purchase
Adopting recycled/upcycled products lowers your carbon footprint
You indirectly move towards a zero-waste lifestyle by choosing upcycled
Contribute towards reducing pollution and creating a better world for future generation.
Our Core Philosophy is the creation of Customer Delight. We believe in utilizing all available technological tools at our disposal to provide our customers with a truly customized experience
Catering to Art Enthusiasts! From Medium to Affluent class Exports & Domestic Markets! ( Creators, Interior Designers, Architects )

Our Services

Interior Decoration

Wall Illustrations

Corporate Gifting

We believe in creating original and inspiring collections for our clients. Our range reflects the very best of craft and design that become statement lifestyle products. Growing personally and professionally, we strive for a perfect liaison of timeless tradition.

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